Thank you for your comment, SHP!

To answer your question: as shown at the top of the summary, my portfolio has increased in value since its inception, meaning that no money has been lost.

Furthermore, I expect stock prices to rise again at some point. It's easy to become pessimistic in this environment, but it won't stay like this forever!

What does your portfolio look like?

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Apr 30Liked by Lisa Schreiber

How much money have you lost already? Yes software has come to stay, but not necessarily the companies you hold, and if... valuation?? All your businesses can fail. Especially because technology is changing so rapidly. One technology is replacing another and faster and faster. Do you then jump back on the next technology leaders and sell your current conviction stocks at a 50% loss? You did it already in the past. The calculation with the return will be difficult. But you will probably also learn your lessons. Sooner or later: Valuation matters. In a few years you can buy CRWD at a price-sales of 3-4.

All the best!

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